Get Paid $10 for each FREE member you refer!!!

Also get paid $2 for each indirect referral 10 levels deep!

JUST REFERRING FREE MEMBERS that will never have to buy anything!

I want to make this clear before I explain this opportunity. You will NEVER have to buy something or sell something to someone! You will get paid for referring people that will NEVER have to buy or sell something!

For each member you refer, you will get paid $10. For each member that your referrals refer you will get paid $2. For each member that your referrals referrals refer you will get paid $2 and this goes down to 10 levels! The only exception is level 5. At level 5 you get paid $5 as a bonus of your work to promote this opportunity.

The amount of money you can make out of this is unbelievable, as you are entering a $300 billion dollar a year global industry

But, how is it possible to get paid while no one is paying?
The cost of acquiring new cardholders is very expensive for credit card issuers (Banks), but well worth the investment to them. Banks spend millions of dollars to the advertising campaigns you see on television, radio, and in print media. Some banks offer low, or even zero interest for several months to attract new customers, which is also part of their acquisition costs.
Free Card Matrix is a company that acquires new cardholders for the banks of its network. The cards are FREE and NO FEE. Free Card Matrix puts the money into referral commissions instead of paying the expensive advertising fees.

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In this blog you will find the most important information you need to know about the Free Card Matrix. Some of the content is copied from the FCM website. If you need more info, review the FCM website and always feel free to contact me for anything I can help you with at or via MSN at

No Buying No Selling, Just Referring & Making money

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Why FCM puts money in referral commissions?

Free Card Matrix instead of spending money on million-dollar advertising campaigns you see on television, radio, and in print media, puts that money into referral commissions for two great reasons:

1) Receiving an invitation to look at something from a friend is much more effective than getting a sales-pitch phone call during dinner.

2) Having the opportunity to earn money to spread the news also motivates people to go ahead and apply for a card… especially when it's NO FEE. Since credit cards can generate profit for the issuing bank, the bank is willing to "buy" the Cardholder. This is like any other good business investment for the bank.

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What if I don't need a credit card?

If you don’t want to use a credit card or you already have one that you prefer to use, there is no problem!!!
It is NOT required that you use your card, just that you apply, get approved, and activate one of the offered cards. Remember that the cards are FREE and with NO FEE.

Of course it is to the networks advantage to use those cards, so we all build “leverage” for better interest rates, cash rebates, and rewards programs in the future.

If you already use a card, you can easily use this new card to transfer high interest balances to the low introductory APR rate of the FCM card(s). Also, in the future, FMC will be able to “leverage” the Free Card Matrix network to negotiate better % (APR) rates, cash back bonuses and rewards from the card issuers.

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10-Level Income explained

FreeCardMatrix uses a simple tried-and-proven 10-level referral plan. That means they will pay you $10 for the Cardholders you refer (your "first level Cardholders"), and they will pay you $2 on levels 2 through 4 and 6 through 10 (level 5 you receive a $5 incentive bonus)!

For example, if you refer 4 Cardholders, they will pay you $10 each, or $40. If they each refer 3 Cardholders there would be 12 on your second level and so you would be paid $24. If they each refer 2 Cardholders you would have 24 on your third level and would earn $48. And so on, through 10 levels. Below is an illustration showing just 3 levels of "downline" organization growth using the above examples.

 A 10-level plan can generate unbelievable income. For instance, if you referred only 5 Cardholders and they referred 5, and everyone else referred 5 all the way through 10 levels deep, there would be 12.2 million Cardholders in your 10th level which would be worth $24,423,475 to you. Of course, not everyone will refer 5 Cardholders, although many will refer hundreds, especially companies with large numbers of employees or customer lists, charities, churches, schools, clubs, and associations. In fact, you may have hundreds of people in your email address book that you will be inviting to look at this website in just a few minutes. And they will do the same thing. That's how a relatively few personally-referred Cardholders can multiply to thousands almost overnight. So the important thing to know about a 10-level compensation plan is that your income potential is virtually unlimited.


The only qualification is that you will get paid through all 10 levels once you reach 5 personal Cardholder referrals. For example, if you have personally referred 3 Cardholders, you will receive commissions on all the new Cardholders through 3 levels of your “organization”. But you won’t get paid on your 4th through 10th levels unless you personally refer 5 Cardholders. As you experiment with the Commission Calculator that you will find at the FreeCardMatrix website, you will see that each new level is usually worth more money than all the previous levels put together! So, everyone is motivated to refer at least 5 Cardholders to get paid on all 10 levels deep. However, you are not limited to 5 wide. You can personally refer (1st Level) hundreds or thousands if you want to, and you will be paid 10 levels deep on all of them!

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Who can participate?

Everyone that is above 18 years old can participate from all around the world.

Even though FreeCardMatrix do not offer an International credit card, you can still refer USA, Canada, UK, and Netherlands residents to this program and receive commissions through 10 levels. * A $35.00 USD fee is deducted from your first commission payment to participate as an International/Marketing Associate. If you do not refer anyone, you do not have to pay FCM any out of pocket expense, no obligation.

If you live in the United States, Canada, UK, or Netherlands, you have to apply for a credit card to participate in the Referral Program. FreeCardMatrix offers you the opportunity to enter the program as a Marketing Associate (read above paragraph) if your current financial and credit status prevents you from getting any of their cards. Once your status improves, you can then get a card, and FCM will refund you your $35.00 (if applicable).

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When will I get paid?

Free Card Matrix shall pay earned commissions to their associates within 45 days after the close of the earned commission month. For example, an associate earns commissions in the month of March. He/She shall receive the March commissions on or before the 15th of May. Commissions must reach $50.00 in any pay period in order to be paid in that pay cycle. If your commissions are below $50.00, FCM will hold them until you reach $50.00 or for one year, whichever comes sooner.

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How do they pay?


FreeCardMatrix pays via check (USA) or Postal Money Order (International), sent in the mail. They also pay European Associates via

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Phase 2 - The Residual Swipe

Phase 2 is about commissions on the spending that cardholders do using their cards. Everyone is expecting Phase 2. Here is what FreeCardMatrix has to say about it:

Everyone knows the true "Powerhouse" of FCM is Phase 2 - The Residual Swipe.
Without further delay, here is what all indications from the bank (s) tell us it will look like.

Level 1 (Personally Referred) - 0.10%
Level 2 through Level 4 - 0.07%
Level 5 - 0.09%
Level 6 through Level 10 - 0.07%

0.75% will flow through your 10 level organization per card transaction (purchase).
The percentages (%) above are based off each individual purchase with an FCM card in your organizational down-line through 10 levels.
We anticipate a release of 0.75% (or 75 basis points) of each individual transaction on a card per month.
Below is an “example” of the residual monthly earning potential.

Level 1 - 100 people - each spent $1,000 - $100.00
Level 2 - 500 people - each spent $1,000 - $350.00
Level 3 - 1,000 people - each spent $1,000 - $700.00
Level 4 - 4,000 people - each spent $1,000 - $2,800.00
Level 5 - 6,500 people - each spent $1,000 - $5,850.00
Level 6 - 10,000 people - each spent $1,000 - $7,000.00
Level 7 - 13,500 people - each spent $1,000 - $9,450.00
Level 8 - 20,000 people - each spent $1,000 - $14,000.00
Level 9 - 30,000 people - each spent $1,000 - $21,000.00
Level 10 - 45,000 people - each spent $1,000 - $31,500.00

* Monthly Residual Earning from above example: $92,750.00

Getting 10% of the people (or spending) in the above scenario - that would be $9,275.00 in residual income per month…. Still not bad!
Does that get you excited?! If not, check your pulse, you may not have one!
So, what are you waiting for...get out there and recruit cardholders. We need 165 cardholders a day (on average) to make this happen by April 2008, and then the bank (s) will gladly turn on the "switch".
Please note: 150,000 verified cardholders are required to turn on the residual swipe plan. As of our first full year in business (April 2005 to April 2006), we are averaging 80 new cardholders a day.
In addition, there is no way to determine how much each individual cardholder will spend on their card on a monthly basis. We use $1,000 for the example scenario above.
* Individual results will vary.

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Is this a residual income opportunity?

The 10 level matrix is a one time payout for referring new approved associate cardholders. The great thing is your matrix stays in tact for the life of this network (Free Card Matrix), so any future benefits (like Phase 2) will flow through the same exact organization (matrix) that you develop. FCM plans to offer future benefit opportunities that will dwarf the Credit Card referral commissions.

Also keep in mind that this is a “Reloading” type opportunity, as every day someone is turning 18 years old and is eligible for a credit card.

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Audio Presentation


Click below to listen to the Audio Presentation of FreeCardMatrix

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Need help and/or more referrals?

If you need help on anything and/or new ideas on how to get more referrals, feel free to contact me via e-mail at and via MSN at

I will be happy to help. Remember that my success depends on your success in this one ;)

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